Pasta with a unique flavor, which combines the many qualities of Rice, such as the high content of Essential Fatty Acids and the ease of absorption, to the typical characteristics of the Corn, as the large amount of fibers, a significant contribution of mineral salts like iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and low sodium. It also presents numerous vitamins of A and B groups.


✓ HELPS INTESTINAL REGULARITY Thanks to the high fiber, which also helps to keep LDL cholesterol levels low, and to fight stomach and intestine swelling due to its antispasmodic action.
✓ IT IS GOOD FOR THE HEART AND THE BLOOD PRESSURE Contains no cholesterol, has a lot of potassium and and little sodium and fat, this makes it an ally of the heart thanks to its hypotensive power.
✓ FIGHTS OSTEOPOROSIS As it has a lot of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, minerals necessary for bones and teeth.
✓ PREVENTS HEPATIC DISEASES It has low cholesterol and triglycerides therefore it is suitable to prevent liver and biliary tract’s diseases.

✓ HAS ANTI-OXIDANT AND IMMUNE EFFECT Thanks to Vitamin A which is a precious ally in particular of skin and eyesight. The beta-carotene and lysine component (VIT B and VIT B3) is also rich.

✓ EXCELLENT FOR DIABETICS As for its composition of the starch present in it, it has a lower glycemic index than refined pastas and bread, thus tending to keep blood glucose levels lower.
✓ HELPS THE MEMORY Phosphorus and Magnesium together with the other minerals contained in the pasta make it an excellent ally for memory and the brain.
✓ ALLIED AGAINST ANEMIA Thanks to its high iron content.
✓ DIURETIC EFFECT Thanks to the content of water and essential minerals, it is useful both against the onset of stones and kidney disease, and, as a natural remedy, against orange peel skin and cellulite.
✓ GREATER SAZING EFFECT AND HIGH DIGESTIBILITY This pasta, unlike the semolina one, has more satiating power, and has a better absorption capacity, thanks to the fact that the small starch granules contained have an absorbing power towards the digestive juices and air that stops at the gastric level.

The teff is a cereal with really excellent nutritional values, which make it an excellent ally for our health. Thanks to its composition is considered a superfood, or a food with nutrients above average, especially appreciated by athletes because it is full of all the elements necessary for a burst of energy and an excellent recovery after physical activity. This cereal is a good source of essential nutrients. Half a portion of 50g, for example, contains the same amount of an egg’s proteins. It is also very rich in vitamins, mineral salts and essential amino acids. The teff, in a portion of 100 grams, provides almost 50% of the recommended daily amount of iron and phosphorus, 10% of calcium and 25% of vitamin B1 and B6. In the end, we note that it has a good fiber ration, as it is impossible to separate the bran (the richest part of these substances) from the germ.


✓ PROPERTIES FOR THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM The teff is a food with very important characteristics for the health of our stomach and our intestine. It is in fact a highly digestible cereal, able to promote intestinal regularity. Its high fiber content makes it a product with laxative properties, which fight constipation and meteorism. Moreover the teff has a particular property, which makes it an ally in preventing inflammation of the colon and irritable bowel syndrome. The starch contained in it, called resistant starch, does not turn into sugar but, in the large intestine, ferments causing the formation of short-chain fatty acids. These acids promote the absorption of water and sodium, as well as preventing the inflammatory states of the last part of the intestine.
✓ SLIMMING PROPERTIES This cereal has another really interesting feature: it is in fact a very satisfying food, above all thanks to the supply of fibers in large quantities. This is why teff is a food that can effectively reduce the sense of appetite and control the stimulus of hunger. This property makes it a product suitable for consumption for those who are on a diet and want to lose weight, or more generally for those suffering from heaviness in the stomach after meals – remember that the teff is also easily digested.
✓ ENERGY PROPERTIES  On the other hand, the teff is a food also suitable to sportsmen. It contains in fact large quantities of the most important nutritive elements, which guarantee a truly incredible source of energy. Thanks to the proteins, the essential amino acids and the mineral salts of which this cereal is rich, it can be considered a real nutritional supplement, to combat tiredness and lack of energy.
✓ CIRCULATION PROPERTIES The teff seed is indivisible due to its tiny size, a characteristic that makes it completely integral. As we have seen, all this means that this cereal maintains large quantities of fibers, but not only: mineral salts, especially iron, are concentrated in the outer cortex. Precisely the abundance of this mineral helps the blood circulation, since it improves the blood’s oxygenation. In fact, iron is at the center of the hemoglobin structure, the molecule responsible for transporting oxygen.
✓ THE PROPERTIES FOR ANEMIA The iron, again, contained in large quantities in this cereal, is an excellent ally to fight certain disorders deriving from anemia. Tiredness, pallor, muscle cramps, difficulty in concentration and dizziness are just some of the symptoms of this iron deficiency in the blood, which can lead to serious problems for our health. A valid help to counter these symptoms comes from teff.
✓ PROPERTIES FOR BONES Calcium, a mineral of which teff is very rich (one portion covers 10% of the recommended daily requirement), is essential for bone development and for maintaining healthy bones. Consuming foods that contain a good amount of calcium helps prevent pathologies such as osteoporosis and arthritis, and accelerates healing in the event of fractures.
✓ PROPERTIES FOR DIABETES Teff can also be consumed by those suffering from diabetes (naturally it is advisable to consult your doctor first for more precise information). Its supply of fibers, complex carbohydrates and mineral salts gives this cereal a low glycemic index. The starches contained in the teff, as we have already said, are in fact defined as resistant because they are not completely assimilable at the level of the intestine. In this way blood sugar levels are kept lower.

✓ ANTIOXIDANT PROPERTIES In the end, the teff is rich in antioxidant substances, which help us to slow down cellular aging and to counteract free radicals (considered, according to some scientific research, to be responsible for some cancerous cell mutations).